Common Mistake to Stay Slim

For some people who want to stays slim, they would probably delete some favorite foods on their menu and do hard sports all day long. Are you sure that this will be successful and useful? There are some common mistakes that most people do in their effort stay slim.

1. Skipping Breakfast
So obsessed with diet, you may choose to skip breakfast and adopt it as a new habit. This method is not powerful enough to lose weight; it will actually make you gain weight. Skip meals will make the body metabolism system disturbed. You will feel hungry all day and eat more as the result. Your body becomes more easily feel tired because of lack of nutrition.

2. Eating Big Portion at One Time
There are people choose to eat only once in a day but in big portion. This way will make the body get a greater supply of calories and fat at one time. The body needs energy throughout the day. The food you eat will be easily burned by the body, if you divide it into three times in a day, but with the right portions. Therefore, it will be more effective if you eat less portion but more often.

3. Taking Too Much Slimming Products
Some slimming drugs make us able to lose weight fast. However, it will cause adverse effects to health, such as dehydration, kidney failure and liver damage, moreover if it is consumed in the long term. Some slimming drugs will usually make you get addicted. Once we stop consume it, the body will return to normal weight.

4. Drinking when Feel Hungry
Some people when they feel hungry, they drink a lot of water. Drinking water is good, but if it is consumed in excess will become a boomerang for the diet itself. Drinking a lot at one time will increase the capacity of the stomach, and damage the enzyme systems. It is advised to eat an apple in the afternoon and make it as your good diet strategy.

5. Excessive exercise
In order to be slim, you may be willing to spend two hours a day at the gym. Is it effective? Excessive exercise makes you tired, and it also make a muscle and abdominal injuries. Remember, your body needs a break. It is good to choose a sport such as jogging, jumping rope, or simply walking in the morning. Make it a regular exercise three times a week.

6. Refuse to Eat Meat
Meat contains protein with amino acid content is best compared to other foods. Protein is a nutrient that is essential for cells to replace damaged body. Protein deficiency is one reason of the incidence of a disease such as breast cancer, colon cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis. However, if you do not want to eat too much meet on the menu, you may eat half portion compared to your regular portion of meat.

7. Avoiding Favorites Food
In extreme, there are people say goodbye to their favorite food such as pizza, chocolate, and ice cream. However, do you know that able to eat foods that you love will give you motivation and satisfaction. If you are cravings on the food but do not able to eat it, it will actually make you feel unhappy. It is ok to entertain yourself a week. Diet that is rational and not too extreme is the key to success to get the ideal body.

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