Fashionable Designer Boots

The history of shoes dates back as early as 8,000 BC where men manufactured shoes using leather laced with leather cords. But the first inventors of leather boots are probably the people in the Fertile Crescent. Over five thousand years ago, the ancient Mesopotamians have used laced-up leather boots made of goat skins that were calf-high. Leather boots were originally designed and worn to protect the feet and legs of people who traveled long distance through the wilderness, while at the same time providing additional ankle supports.

Boots are known for being durable footwear that have certain favorable qualities and as the popularity of boots increases, people started to create idioms that associate certain characters or events with boots. Some of the popular idioms are the simile Tough as Old Boots and the term Boot Camp. In the past few years, boots have stepped into the spotlight by being fashionable footwear designed by renowned designers and worn by models worldwide. Some of the popular designer boots are the jeffrey campbell boots and marc by marc jacobs boots, to name a few.

These fashion boots serve more than as protective covers for the user’s ankles and legs but also as fashionable pieces that enhance one’s appearance through the various colors, materials, heels, styles and other accessories applied on the boots. Take for example the Marc by Marc Jacobs Pewter Leather boots that feature open-toe style, ruffled vamp, 3.5 sculptured heel and leather lining, among others. There are various styles of fashion boots for women available in reputable online fine footwear retailer –all you need to do is to browse around for experienced and trusted retailer online, select your favorite shoes and make purchase. If you love wedges shoes, then you might be interested in browsing around for tory burch wedges. Tory Burch is reputed for designing bold wedges that are comfortable and stylish. Find your favorite designer’s boots online and get them at reasonable prices from a trusted retailer that has good customer service and reputation in the industry.

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