Neuro Linguistic Therapy for Addicts

In the past, people generally got addicted to certain natural substances such as opium. These days, with the availability of drugs, the increases in drug usage recommendation by health practitioners and development of biochemistry, more and more people are having drug addiction problems. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM-IV) describes three stages of addictions, which include anticipation, intoxication and withdrawal. Most addicts would eventually have decreased motivation for regular, normal, day-to-day activities. Characteristics of addicted individuals are the intense desires to continue taking the substance and get it by any means, the tendency to increase the intake frequency or intake amount and the dependency that follows. If you happen to have a close friend or a family member who shows these symptoms then you may want to suggest them to seek for help. There are various reputable Drug Rehabilitation centers available across the country that utilizes treatments and facilities, designed to cope with the residents’ addictions.

There are various drug and alcohol treatment methods utilized in various treatment centers across the U.S. , some of them are the Bio Feedback treatment, Neuro Linguistic Therapy, Expressive Art Therapy and Experiential Therapy, among others. If an individual wishes to have an effortless modification from being an addict into a sober individual, then the Neuro Linguistic therapy is probably the right one for them. The therapy uses language as a tool and one that is used to identify, influence and modify the addicts’ behavior. Created by linguist expert, Dr. J. Grinder and Gestalt therapist Dr. R. Bandler, the therapy constructs a model based on combined research of G. Bateson, F. Perls and M. Erickson. The therapy thus, focuses on how communication and language could deliver improvements on the addicts’ well-being and sobriety. When it comes to curing an addict, underlying issues may arise. Hence, it is important for the family and close friends of the addict to give support during his or her treatment process. You could read helpful articles related to drug addictions and treatments in drug rehab website and get useful information.

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