Cook Delicious Cheese Recipes

Mentioning the word of cheese, we probably think about mouth watering food with creamy and delicious taste. Yes, cheese is one of the most favorite and popular food in the world. Cheese also has many different kinds, names, and taste depending from the country of origin, ingredients, and the way to make it. Besides yummy, cheese is relatively easy to combine to many food recipes from salad to cookies, from sandwiches to main dish like cheesy hashbrown casserole. Cheesy hashbrown casserole is easy to prepare and cook. We can use daily ingredients in refrigerator such as hash brown potatoes, butter, onion, cornflakes, and Sargento® ChefStyle Shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese. Cooking is only about 1 hour. Big plate of Cheesy hashbrown casserole tastes really good and keeps us stuffed.

Cheese is also kid’s favorite food. Therefore, it is a good idea to combine cheese with other food to bring appetite to kids. Plus, cheese has rich nutrition that help kids grow. It is one of parents’ complains that kids do not like vegetables. Why do not we try to add cheese to vegetable? Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, potatoes are hard to avoid when they have shredded cheddar cheese melted on the top of veggie. Yummy! Kids and moms love it.

Since cheese is delicious to eat, we should keep cheese in stocks. Therefore, we can cook and add cheese anytime we want. One friend asked can you freeze cheese? Of course, we can freeze cheese for more than two months in refrigerator. We only need to store cheese in a good package to release the air. The taste is always yummy.

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